Charter Chapter Members

NOVEMBER 26, 1974


In accordance with the constitution adopted at the 1974 National Convention in Los Angeles, California from August 2-4th, the following 48 names of former Tuskegee Airmen and Airwomen were submitted to the National Office to be inscribed as charter members of the Greater Philadelphia Chapter, Philadelphia, PA:

Cleveland Bailey

John T. Ballard

Edgar T. Brown

Arthur Burgee

Stafford E. Carr

Jeru Carter

William M. Cousins

Elliot Culp

Samuel L. Curtis

Stephen L. Cuyjet

Stanley L. Gladstone, Jr.

Donald S. Harris

Isaiah Dancey

Donald S. Diggs

John F. Eberhardt

Callie O. Gentry

Herbert Harris

Wesley D. Hurt

Benjamin D. Jones

John E. Jones

William M. Jordan

Paul Keene

Haldane King

George H. Kydd

Adolphus Lewis, Jr.

Bertram Levy

William Lewis

Henry P. Miles

Edward K. Nichols, Jr.

James B. Oliver

Oliver R. Pope

Bernard S. Proctor

Everett E. Richardson

Eugene J. Richardson, Jr.

Milton B. Richardson

Fred Smalls

Edward N. Smith

Luther H. Smith

Herbert A. Smothers

Nathaniel C. Stewart

Lillian F. Stone

Clifton T. Stridiron

Charles E. Sutton

Gordon K. Thomas

Wesley C. Walker

Benjamin W. Williams

Robert W. Williams, Jr.

Elmer H. Wilson