Tuskegee Airmen, Inc. (TAI) Membership Renewal Transmittal Application


Chapter Details:
Official Chapter name
Date: Complete as appropriate.
Mailing Address/City/State (Country)/Zip Code: Chapter mailing Address information.
Submitter/Point of Contact: Name of Chapter/Membership Point of Contact
Submitter/Point of Contact E-Mail/Phone Number: Complete as appropriate.

Renewing Member Information:
Title/Rank: Title (Mr., Mrs, Ms., Dr., etc.) or Military Rank, if Active Duty/Guard/Reserve (Amn, Sgt, Capt, etc).
First Name/Middle Initial (MI)/Last Name/Jr., Sr., Etc.: Self explanatory.
TAI Number (TAIN): Member’s TAI Number.
National Dues Paid: Complete as appropriate.

CHAPTER USE (TOTALS): Place total number of submissions and total dues for each membership category.
Regular: Any applicant willing to work toward achievement of goals, objectives and purpose of TAI.
Active Duty/Reserve Military Enlisted: Applicant in any branch of military service in grades E1 through E-9.
Active Duty/Reserve Military Company Grade Officer: Applicant in any branch of military service in grades O-1 through O-3.
Active Duty/Reserve Military Field Grade Officer: Applicant in any branch of military service in grades O-4 through O-10.
Student: (Formerly Youth) Applicant who is full-time student and under age of 25 interested in Tuskegee Experience.
Life: Applicants who have previously paid full fee ($750.00) and been processed for National Life Membership (For Records Only) .

National Office Processing
Date Received: Complete with date application (and dues, as applicable) received.
Report Update: Complete with amount paid for chapter dues and National per capita dues (as applicable).
Document(s) Sent: Date processing completed and document(s) – card and/or sticker – sent.